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Brevard lawns require a lot of maintenance to ensure they look their best all year round.  At Fox outdoor Solutions we have years of experience ensuing all Brevard lawns we care for look amazing.  So what do we do to ensure your lawn looks great?  Read on to find out.


The first key to having a beautiful Brevard lawn is to ensure you are on a proper cutting schedule.  This can sometimes be difficult if you are using a non professional “company”.  Many of these services simply fit you in when they are in the area because they do not have a set route.  This means you might go two, almost three weeks until you get a cut, then get a cut twice a week after you complain.  This is actually harmful to you lawn.  A truly professional company will understand the proper schedule and stick to it.

Brevard Lawns


Many people think the best thing to do for a lawn is cut is as short as possible to have to cut it less.  This in fact, is simply not true.  There are several factors you have to consider when determining the proper length to cut your lawn.  One major factor is the type of grass you actually have.  When you are interviewing potential lawn care services, make it a point to ask them about cutting lengths for specific types of grass.  If they cannot explain the difference, we would recommend you call another company.  At Fox we always take the time to explain what we do.  We do this because we fell it is import for our clients to know we are experts at what we do.


There are several factors that we advise our clients on.  One of those is the proper watering schedule.  We make sure all of our clients know what to do even when we are not servicing your lawn.  We can help with many other services to ensure your property achieves its maximum curb appeal.  Fox Outdoor Solutions provides power washing, landscape design, tree service, and so much more.  We can walk your property with you to give you ideas on how to improve its appearance.


For expert lawn care from a reputable and dependable local company, make sure to call Fox Outdoor Solutions at 321-259-LAWN (5296).  You can also Contact Us Here, and make sure to checkout our Facebook page!

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