Brevard Lawns

How to Care for Brevard Lawns

In this article we will talk about how to take care of the sometimes fickle Brevard Lawns.  Specifically, we will discuss what best practices are and start off with fertilization.

The Benefits of Healthy Brevard Lawns

Everyone enjoys the look of a healthy green lawn.Healthy Brevard lawns have a lot of benefits.  Specifically, they increase the value of a property,cool the air and even help reduce noise. Added benefits include a reduction in soil erosion which helps keep our waterways cleaner.  Just think, having a lot of healthy Brevard Lawns means our lagoon and rivers will be cleaner!

The question always is how do you get the best possible lawn for your specific grass? Over the coming months we will address ways to get that healthy lawn you always dreamed of!

Best Practices (BPs): Bettering Brevard Lawns

Best Practices (BPs) are suggestions and proven practices you can use to get the healthiest lawn possible. Following this tips can save you time and money while increasing properly value. Our tips and tricks are also designed to be environmentally safe.  Following recommended guidelines is important, especially when it comes to our first topic: Fertilization.

Fertilize Correctly

Fertilizer helps Brevard lawns look their best and stay healthy. It is critical to fertilize correctly because it can make or break a lawn. Improper application can hurt your lawn, and contribute to pollution. Be sure to follow guidelines on fertilization, paying special attention to rates and timing.  If you have questions on proper fertilization, you can always contact us here.

Fertilizer Components

Fertilizers are composed of three main elements.  They include nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, there an also be many other ingredients. The best way to be effective and save money is to know what your soil needs. A soil test on your property can help determine what, if any, additional nutrients your lawn needs.  We can always help you perform a soil test to ensure you know exactly what type of fertilizer to use.

Fertilizers containing slow-release nitrogen are good for both your turf and the environment. Slow-release nitrogen avoids "burning" your turf.  It does this by releasing many nutrients at once and provides a nice long-lasting greenup. Products with low or no phosphorous are becoming more readily available. This is good for the Space Coast homeowner. Because many Brevard lawns are already high in phosphorous and don't need any added.

Proper Timing

In Central Florida, it's better to fertilize only during the growing season,  This means it is ok to fertilize during the spring, summer, and fall. Lawns in most of the state go dormant during the winter months and should not be fertilized.  Your last fertilizer application should be around mid-October in Central Florida.


It's important to use fertilizer responsibly. When fertilizing near water, leave a 10' strip around the water as a buffer zone. This strip will protect the water body from nutrient leaching or runoff.

Be sure to keep fertilizers off of paved surfaces. Because fertilizer can't be absorbed, it can easily be washed into storm water drains. From there it goes right into water bodies. To prevent this, make sure to use a spreader with a deflector shield. Questions about your equipment?  Just give us a call!


Because wet fertilizer can create runoff, store your unused fertilizer where it will stay dry. Make sure not to store it next to gasoline or chemicals. These might contaminate the fertilizer and make their way into your lawn.

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