Gardenias are a very popular flowering plant for inside potting and in the garden. Their flowers are gorgeous and their sent is wonderful. It is so nice it is used for perfume. But like so many things that are so nice they are high maintenance. We have to work to get the plant to give its best. Feeding, watering, and sunlight are extremely important to this beauty. Here are some hints for proper gardenia care.


To get a Gardenia to happily bloom, there are four things you must give them. These are: Sunlight, Humidity, Temperature, and Fertilizer.

Humidity – These are thirsty friends. Being the caretaker of a Gardenia bush means surrounding it with lots of humidity. Is yours a potted plant? Set the container in a dish filled with pebbles and water to increase the surrounding humidity. Inside or out, a daily misting with a spray bottle will increase the humidity around the plant. Don’t forget to keep the soil moist so they can have a drink.

Sunlight – Sunlight is an important part of its life. Like us it likes a sunny place that has shade at the hottest part of the day. If you are indoors place it in bright indirect sunlight.

Temperature – Gardenias bloom best when we do. Day temps are warm but not overly hot. Nights are cool for sleeping just like us.  The best daytime temperatures are warm but not hot between 65 F. to 75 F. Nighttime temperatures are cool between 55 F. and 60 F. On the space coast this is not easy but you can ask Mother Nature for some understanding.

Fertilizer – The Gardenia bush has a big appetite. You should feed your plant every two weeks with a regular water soluble fertilizer solution. Then every three to four months, change its menu to an acid based fertilizer one time. Luckily it is not a gourmet special food plant.

Taking proper care of your friendly Gardenia is a bit of work. But the beautiful flowers and wonderful fragrance is well worth it. I hope this helps you have a better life with your gardenia. J

Scott and Karen

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