Keeping your lawn and ornamental shrubs healthy and looking good is what the professionals at Fox Outdoor Solutions do. We have put together a list of helpful tips homeowners can follow to keep their lawns and shrubs in top shape.  At Fox we give you great local tips for lawn care Melbourne Florida.


Mow your St. Augustine lawn at least 3.5 to 4 inches above the ground and increase the height during the heat of summer. Cutting the lawn too short stresses the lawn, makes it more susceptible to insects, disease, drought. Also cutting these lawns any shorter can effect the root development which will decrease your lawns ability to fight drought, disease, weeds, and funguses. If you have a Bahia lawn you should cut it at least 3 to 3.5 inches.


Lawns need 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water each week. Two deep, heavy watering sessions are better than multiple light sprinklings. The best time to water is early morning since it gives the water a chance to soak in and helps to avoided the chances of fungus to settle in and cause damage. Here in Brevard county St. Johns water management has restrictions on watering. These restrictions change depending on what time of year it is. If you have any questions on these times allowed to water please feel free to contact us.Properly Operating


Be sure to adjust your irrigation system to determine how long to run the system so that it delivers the amount of water recommended and doesn’t over-water which can lead to disease, and weeds.


Keep your blades sharp and do not let them get dull. A dull blade leaves a rough cut and makes turf more susceptible to disease. You should sharpen your blades multiple times throughout the year.


Consistently fertilized lawn and ornamental shrubs keep weeds, insects, disease and drought from negatively impacting your lawn and shrubs. Healthy lawns and shrubs also are plus to the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather and trapping and absorbing dust and pollution. Follow the directions for the products you are using. Over fertilizing can negatively affect your lawn and landscape as well as the Indian River lagoon.


Trimming and pruning your yard’s shrubs and trees keeps them healthy and less susceptible to disease. It allows for new growth and gives off the “curb appeal” you desire in your landscape.


The proper use of mulch in your landscape reduces water loss due to evaporation, prevents run-off and erosion, reduces weeds and moderates soil temperature. Do not over apply mulch and always maintain a mulch free barrier around structures and trees to reduce insect harborage.

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