When you are searching for “lawn service Melbourne Fl” online the choice can be challenging.  There are a lot of options with a wide variety of pricing and services.  We have updated each section for 2018 with new information and considerations.


Reviews are one of the best ways to determine how reputable a lawn care company is.  There are many places reviews can be left, but Google and Facebook are two of the most important.  Scrolling through reviews is a good idea to get an idea of how the company operates and if the lawn service they provide meet the customer’s expectations.  We at Fox Outdoor Solutions are incredibly proud of our 5 star rating which you can view here.  We are proud of every review we have because we care about our customers.

What To Look For:

First, find the company you are considering on Google by trying in their name.  A Google business listing should appear on the right hand side of the screen.  If it no listing appears, this is the first flag you should pay attention to. It is likely the business is not actually a business, or treating it seriously.  In 2018, a Google Business listing is a must have.

Example Listing:

Notice under the name and website there is a star rating.  This is how you read Google Reviews for a company.  If the listing says “Reviews From the Web” beware!  This means the company actually has lower than a three star rating on Google.  Google will show other review websites in it’s place because of this low rating.  When you search for “lawn service melbourne fl”, keep reviews in mind!


You would think insurance would be a must for companies who show up under the search terms “lawn care Melbourne Fl”, but you would be wrong.  There are so many companies and individuals on the Space Coast who do not carry the proper insurance.  When an injury occurs on your property you will be liable.  If your property damage occurs they will have no insurance to cover the costs.  Although someone who is not licensed and insured may be slightly less expensive, it’s not worth the risk.   You are always protected by Fox Outdoor Solutions because we are licensed and insured.


A company’s quality of work can be determine by looking at how well they maintain their vehicles and equipment.  If they treat their investments with care they are likely to treat your property with care too. Real companies invests in  great equipment and vehicles to represent themselves throughout the community.  Better vehicles and equipment do not equate with a higher or inflated price.  It merely shows the company considers themselves to be professionals and invest in themselves to ensure you get the best results possible.

Consistent Investment in Equipment – 2018

At Fox Outdoor Solutions consistently we invest in our equipment because our customers deserve the best service possible!


The last thought to consider when searching “lawn service Melbourne FL” online is how you feel when you first make contact with the company.  Are responses to emails and Facebook messages prompt?  Does the person you are speaking with take the time to understand you needs?  This factor may be harder to define, but you should feel good about speaking with your lawn care professional.  They are there to offer suggestions and answer any questions you have.  They should be polite, reliable and prompt.  If you get a bad gut feeling when you first contact a company, it’s likely you will have a bad experience with them in the future.  At Fox Outdoor Solutions we always ensure customer service is out top priority.


We know it’s hard to find a great lawn care company on the Space Coast.  Our goal at Fox Outdoor Solutions is to provide you the best service at the best price possible.  We want to make sure you love our services and interacting with us.  Call us at 321-259-5296 or contact us via our website.  We would love to answer any questions you have and give you a quote for the best lawn care on the Space Coast!


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