The most landscape friendly and labor saving devices is the IRRIGATION SYSTEM. Irrigation systems are must for any home in Florida. But like all things problems do appear once in a while. Here are a few that should be looked at.

Brown spots on the lawn occur for several reasons. The first reason is the area is not being targeted correctly by the water stream. Check to be sure the path of the water is flowing properly. Adjust the water as needed to cover the correct area. Improper water levels is the leading cause for brown spots in your lawn.
The second reason is watering heads are clogged. You will not have to remove the whole head to correct this issue. Simply unscrew the top and clean it. There may be a small plastic filter just inside the tube that comes up when the system is on. When replacing the top make sure you aim/adjust the head to cover the correct area. Checking you watering heads for blockage on a monthly basis is a best practice we recommend.

The St Johns Water Management District has set date and time to run irrigation systems on the Space Coast. By adhering to these rules we save water and help the eco system. Every homeowner can impact the environment in a positive way by being responsible.

See them here:

You schedule should be adjusted for seasonal temperature and any new plantings. The time of the day the irrigation system runs is very important. Watering in the hottest times wastes a lot of water to evaporation. Early morning or in the evening are best times to water. Ensure the length of time for each section is long enough to soak the area but not waste water. Over watering can damage the plants and grass.(Root rot and fungus growth) It is imperative you do not over water your landscape.

Have you changed your landscape? Reassessing watering needs should be completed to ensure your landscape thrives. By reassessing the zones you will find your needs have changed and may be able to save money. Closing off unneeded zones is not hard.

Follow the outlines tips to ensure your irrigation system works properly which creates a thriving landscape! Contact Fox Outdoor solutions with any questions you have. We are available to maintain your irrigation system and help with so much more on your property. Use our contact form to reach us today!

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