Landscaping Seasonal Maintenance

Our all Year basic maintenance plan includes cutting, edging, line trim, and hard services.

Landscaping Solutions - Other Services

A bi-monthly service which includes all custom blended granular and liquid fertilizer. We use specially formulated pre and post emergent weed controls and insecticide to help your lawn fight off pests.  Fight all chinch bugs, fire ants, and most other nuisance pests on your lawn.

Adjust timer seasonally, check and adjust water coverage, repair system

Landscaping greatly benefits and adds value to your home or business while enhancing the outdoor appearance. Our goal is to create beautiful landscapes that will be enjoyed for years to come. We deliver a highly personalized, yet affordable, service for each client and their commercial or residential property.

Our team has the training and expertise to handle any task. There are many different reasons to prune, as well as different approaches to doing so. Structural pruning, canopy raising, canopy thinning, shaping, and clearance pruning are just a few we offer. The services we provide to keep our clients’ trees & palms healthy and looking their best. We always have the right tools and equipment for each job, including hoists, harnesses, and other climbing equipment. 

Although the most apparent result of shrub pruning is size reduction, it is also a key component in promoting and maintaining healthy plants. Proper pruning improves air flow and sunlight penetration through the canopy of the plant. This prevents the spread of disease, encourages new growth, and improved flower display. Our team is trained and educated in the best horticulture prescribed pruning practices. We understand the individual preferences and needs of our clients and can apply a more customized and practical approach for any situation.

Mulch gives the trees and plants the protection they need. As the matter decomposes it feeds nutrients back to the plants. By mulching you are doing natures work.

Stoning can be rock, granulated rubber, fabrics, and other things that do not decompose naturally. These look nice but do nothing for the feeding of the plants. They last a long time but cost much more to install. Most of these require a layer of garden fabric to keep them from sinking into the soil.

Property Maintenance Options

We provide professional parking lot sweeping and litter removal services that leave your parking lot clean and neat. Whether it’s a large mall or a single store, we provide you with unsurpassed quality, and customized programs tailored to fit your needs.

Our designers can create night scapes that enhance the natural beauty of your garden highlighting the beauty of your property. We can add elegance and definition to your commercial property or home.  Our designers focus on highlighting the architectural features and ensuring that your property will always stand out after sunset.

We offer many different types of hardscape options. Landscape construction or hardscapes refers to everything in the landscape that is not planted.When you trust us with your hardscape needs you will have immediate results. In most cases hardscaping is permanent and the design will allow your landscape design to become beautifully created architecture.

We utilize the latest pressure washing equipment and techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some homeowners may want to clean their own gutters, but hiring a professional with the right equipment ensures all parts the gutters are cleaned from corner to corner. Having Fox clean your gutters reduces risk of personal injury by using the right tools.

We offer bush hog mowing to clear away unsightly tall grass and trees which makes your business look more tailored and professional. We use the top of the line equipment such as bush hogs behind tractors. For heavy mowing we use a skid loader with a front mount bush hog.

We are a full service fence company that has been selling, installing, repairing and maintaining residential and commercial fences for our clients for 5 years.

Spring Cleanup: Leaves, fallen branches removing debris, mulching and starting a fertilizer program. Planting seasonal color.
Fall Cleanup: Get your yard in good shape for the upcoming spring. We will remove leaves and debris, trim shrubs, and prune any plants or trees.